The Security Area

Welcome to the Security area.
The Security Department, in The Imperial Order of Truth, are taking part
in almost all activities within the Order as well as the Activity the Order
makes Outside the Order, all as long it concern the wellbeing of The Order
its name, the projects and the Orders members.

This department does:

                  Random tests of the application forms, to verify the written consent
                                                    is true and valid.

                  Investigate on SGM (Superior Grand Master) or IC (InternationalCouncil)                                         requests the Granted Titles and Honors, to find if all was
                                   legal achieved and without fraud of any kind.

                  Observing the structure and the further development of the Order
                        both intern and extern, just to assure that the Orders rules
                      constitutions and regulations are preserved and not overruled.

                  They are responsible for protection and security of members in cases
                       when and where it may be required or requested by SGM alone.


NO protection assignment is allowed without the approval from
the SGM.

Violation of this will cause immediately exclusion of the
members responsible.

The security department is maintaining the IT security closely with the IT
responsible department, to obtain the best and most secure structure on the
IT point of view.

This department makes all verification check and validation requests on
members upon requests from, SGM, IC or project/mission Leaders in the

Security department is responsible for all investigations

concerning the  Orders belongings:

  •                                     Membership
  •                                     Medals
  •                                     ID card
  •                                     Dishonesty
  •                                     Fake items
  •                                     Disabuse of the Order or its name ETC.

The Security department is responsible for:

Parades and ceremonies when
it comes to the required manpower, the makes the Honor parades ETC.
Security Department answers only to the SGM, when he approves it then
the information and results will be passed on to the respective Master
Offices, Grand Masters and PR people, NOT before it is approved.

Violation of this causes and immediately dismiss in dishonor, which will be
published on the Orders website under Dismiss in Dishonor page.

If you have any questions regarding or concerning the Security area,
contact this department at

If you want to check a members status, for any reason, write the member
ID here for a quick search.