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about the



Superior  Grand Master

HRIH Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich

Would like to welcome all visitors to this official website of the

Imperial Order Of Truth   a.k.a.  IOOT'

Truth is short for

The Royal Unified Templar Hierarchy

The Order was founded in 2008 by the SGM and the 4 first members of the International Council.

( International Council Grand Masters )

               Count Patrick James Hinds

              Sir David H Morse

              HRIH Charlotte Rurikovich

              Count Danny Marcel Van Eeckenrode

Since then the Order has grown into an institution that is represented all over the world.

The first vision for the Order was to unite Orders with Humanitarian core values, so they could benefit from one anothers experiencess.

over the years the  Order has walked with many associations/Orders, but also let many go

We believe in transparency / Honosty / Loyalty and  Dignity

We made it fast Our obligation to put light into dark, and when we found wrong, with the documentation, we publish for information to the entire population.

We are here for the glory of GOD alone.


non nobis domine non nobis

sed nomine tuo da gloriam

( not for me lord, not for me, but to your glory)