Structure of the Order


As an Institution which aims to lift many Projects,

and hold ranks for many thousand Knights and Dames,

it is very necessary to have a healthy structure.

By the structure one can see how to approach the different levels
when presenting once question or propositions.

Structure in The Imperial Order of Truth is made to reflect monarchy, and
also build to work with commando ways, like a military unit.

This is to avoid any collapse in the structure, not to put one member above
or under another.

It is very important to remember that all are equal members of the Order.
But the different ranks reflect the individual members’ time and effort
used in the Order.

Hereby means that the member with higher rank should be honoured and
respected for their efforts.

The Order is a Royal and Imperial Order; this is achieved by being
protected by a Royal or an Imperial protector.

The Imperial Order of Truth is under protection of
The Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich

With Protector:

His Royal and Imperial Highness,
Grand Duque and Grand Prince
Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich 
Imperial house of Augustus - Rurikovich – Kubensky
Great Grand prince of all Russia Head of House Rurikovich
since 2020

The Protectors of the Order is and must always be a member of
the Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich.

The Protector and the Protecting House is a Symbol, this means:
The Protector and the Protectors House does not have any influence in the
Order, they have to bring suggestions like all other members,
All Positions, ranks, members, Projects, Investments are made by the Order
and the Order alone, neither does the Order take any Political parties of
any house or Allied.

The Imperial Order of Truth

The Imperial Order of Truth must be observed and supported by a superior
Grand Master whom is also the link which connect the protecting house and the Order.
The Superior Grand Master is always a male.

The SGM is not untouchable or above the rules in the Order, He can be set
for sanctions if he goes against rules, it will however require a vote in the
International council with 90% for the sanction, likewise the SGM can be
replaced, this requires a vote on 100% from the International Council,
Before SGM can be voted for replacement, there must have been 2
sanctions against him, first given 1st year suspension, 2nd given 2 years suspension.

When SGM is out of Duty, he’s Deputy will take over, the Deputy will
follow the new SGM as well, The Order of Truth is an International Institution
This is an International Institution, which requires an International Council.

The International Council

Comprised of the International Grand Masters
Each Master's Office is devoted to handling specific tasks and
assignments in accordance with their respective offices
All offices coordinate with each other where and when required in order
to ensure uniformity and best business practices

Master Offices

                                                    1. Master of Security.
                                                    2. Master of verifications.
                                                    3. Master of Ceremony.
                                                    4. Master of Grand Councillors.
                                                    5. Master of the Grand Council.
                                                    6. Master of Structure.
                                                    7. Master of Administration.
                                                    8. Master of the Army of Truth.
                                                    9. Master of Grand Exchequer.
                                                  10. Master of treasury.
                                                  11. Master of Public Relations.
                                                  12. Master of Cross Boarder Religions.
                                                  13. Master of Religion/theology.
                                                  14. Master of Goodwill.
                                                  15. Master of Fundraising.
                                                  16. Master of Information.
                                                  17. Master of International Affairs.
                                                  18. Master of Audits.
                                                  19. Master of Herald.
                                                  20. Master of external affairs.
                                                  21. Master of Development.
                                                  22. Master of Internal Affairs.
                                                  23. Master of the Grand Hospitaller.
                                                  24. Master of Arms.
                                                  25. Master of Protocol. 

International Council Members

                                                    1.      1 x  Royal Protectorate

                                                    2.      1 x  Superior Grand Master

                                                    3.    25 x  International Council Grand Masters

                                                    4.    50 x  International Council Masters

                                                    5.  200 x  International Council Commanders


Priory Appointed Grandmasters in each country
Each Country has a maximum of 12 Grandmasters.

Each Priory in the country is named once it has been fully established.

The titles of the 12 priories are named after the 12 tribes' sons of Jacob. who are
the descendents of Abraham and Issac
(One Priory named after each son in chronologica order - oldest to youngest).

                                                           1. Priory of Reuben
                                                           2. Priory of Simon
                                                           3. Priory of Levi
                                                           4. Priory of Judah
                                                           5. Priory of Dan
                                                           6. Priory of Naphtali
                                                           7. Priory of Gad
                                                           8. Priory of Asher
                                                           9. Priory of Issachar
                                                         10. Priory of Zebulon
                                                         11. Priory of Joseph
                                                         12. Priory of Benjamin


Each region can become a preceptory starting with 10 members/
They then become a Lieutenancy, under the Country Grand Priory.

Reaching 25 members they become a Captaincy, under the country Grand Priory.

Reaching 35 members they become a colonelcy, under the country Grand Priory.

Reaching 50 members they become a sole Priory but under the Superior
Country Grand Master.

The first Country Grand master will be the head of he’s, or hers country as
Superior Country Grand Master

Country Masters

                                                          1.   Master of External affairs.
                                                      2.   Master of Development.
                                                      3.   Master of Religion/theology.
                                                      4.   Master of Fundraising.
                                                      5.   Master of Arms.
                                                      6.   Master of Ceremony.
                                                      7.   Master of Grand Councillors.
                                                      8.   Master of Protocol.
                                                      9.   Master of Administration.
                                                    10.   Master of Army of Truth.
                                                    11.   Master of Security.
                                                    12.   Master of Treasury.
                                                    13.   Master of Grand Hospitaller.

Each Country Master (CM) Must appoint 2 Country Grand Commanders (CGC)
The CMs will train each CGC to be able to assume the responsibilities of their respective
offices should a CM be unable to perform his/her own duties.

The Country Priory

                                                                     1.     1 Country Grand Master

                                                           2.   13 Country Masters

                                                           3.   32 Country Grand Commanders

Country Priory Leadership

                                                           1.      1 Superior Country Grand Master

                                                           2.    12 Country Grand Masters

                                                           3.  159 Country Masters

                                                           4.  380 Country Grand Commanders

The Order Consists of: 

                                                          1. Knight Commanders

                                                          2. Knight Officers Grand Cross

                                                          3. Knights

                                                          4. Esquires

                                                          5. Honorary Knights 1st degree

                                                          6. Honorary Knights 2nd degree

                                                          7. Honorary Knights 3rd degree

                     The above Order positions have no set maximum number for participation

The Hierarchical Structure of the Order is designed so that all members
will follow the proper procedures and policies aligned with each specific
Office both in participating countries and for the International Council.

Knight Commanders and Knight Grand Cross members approach the country masters.
Country masters approach the Country Grand Masters.

Country Grand Masters approach the International Council Commanders
or Masters,then they approach the International Council Grand Masters.

Both International Council Grand Masters and International Masters can
approach the Superior Grand Master.

Honorary Member is advised to approach country Grand Commanders no
matter what degree they hold.

Non-members are advised to search assistance at first trough the Knights
and Knight Grand Crosses in the Order; from there they will be guided
through to the proper channels.

Title Acronyms

                                  1. PROTECTOR     The Protector/protectors of the Order.

                                  2. SGM                 The Superior Grand Master.


                                  3. ICGM                The International Council Grand Masters.

                                  4. ICM                  The International Council Masters.

                                  5. ICC                  The International Council Commanders.


                                  6. SCGM               The Superior Country Grand Masters.

                                  7. CGM                 The Country Grand Masters.

                                  8. CM                   The Country Masters

                                  9. CGC                 The Country Grand Commanders.

                                10. KC                   The Knight Commanders.

                                11. KOGC               The Knight Officers Grand Cross.

                                12. KT                   The Knights of the Order.


                                13. HKOT              The Honorary Knights Order of Truth 3rd degree.

                                14. HKOT              The Honorary Knights Order of Truth 2nd degree.

                                15. HKOT              The Honorary Knights Order of Truth 1st degree.

                                16. HC                  The Honorary Commanders Order of Truth.

                                17. HKGC              The Honorary Knights Grand Cross Order of Truth.

                                18. HGC                The Honorary Grand Commanders Order of Truth. 

The above ranks are not in any specific order