Pledges and Virtues
Of The Order of TRUTH

The Order Medal has 5 arms as symbol for the 5 Virtues

The 5 Arms all have 2 points as symbol of the 10 pledges.


                                        1. Always honor God in everything I do.

                                        2. Always cherish the Order, and never disclose its internal matters.

                                        3. Protect the weak and poor as best.

                                        4. To love all living creatures, they are all part of God Almighty's work.

                                        5. Always tell the truth and do everything with honor.

The Honors of the knights/Dames are always to glorify


the Son

Jesus Christ

and the

Holy Spirit

Not even The Order of Truth is to be put before

The Holy Trinity.

The ten Pledges are points to be used in the quest of following.
The will of Jesus Christ, his vision and demand of:
Love your next as you love yourself.
These ten pledges are second in line.
First one must follow the 10 commandments given to us from


                               1. Listen without Interrupting                                   ( Proverbs 18:13 )

                               2. Speak without Accusing                                        ( James 1:19 ) 

                               3. Give without Sparring                                           ( Proverbs 21.26 )

                               4. Pray without ceasing                                            ( Colossians 1:9 )

                               5. Answer without arguing                                        ( Proverbs 17:1 )

                               6. Share without pretending                                     ( Ephesians 4:15 )

                               7. Enjoy without complaining                                   ( Philippian’s 2:14 )

                               8. Trust without wavering                                        ( Corinthians 13:7 )

                               9. Forgive without punishing                                    ( Colossians 3:13 )

                             10. Promise without forgetting                                  ( Proverbs 13:12 )

All Knights/Dames In the Order of TRUTH must Take this Pledges and
Swear the Virtues under the Sword of SOLOMON.

A Knight/Dame in The Order of Truth will always
Honor and Respect these