Golden Rules

1. Faith

A brother or sister must put their faith in God. Their trust and allegiance
to The Imperial Order of Truth is paramount above all else.

2. Loyalties

You are always obligated to assist your brothers and sisters.
Only within the parameters of the law that are effective within the
particular country.
A loyal brother and sister will stand up for you when you need it, also
when you don’t ask them to. Loyal brothers and sisters are not for sale and
will never do anything that will compromise your success or happiness.

3. Honesty

It is your duty to tell the truth. You must always be honest no matter
If you are in doubt, always ask yourself if what you are contemplating is
you would do it if Jesus was sitting next to you.

4. Respect

Always respects your brothers' and sisters' and The Order of Truths time,
property and beliefs.
Time is respected by not wasting it. Be punctual for appointments. You
must always inform your brothers and sisters if you will be late or if you
cannot make it at all.
Property is respected by not damaging it. Treat other people’s belongings
with care and love.
Beliefs are respected by never judging others.
What happens within The Order of Truth stays within the order.

5. Selflessness

True brothers and sisters will sacrifice their own comfort or happiness and
put you and the order first. You must be selfless and not do something for
financial or material gain if you know that it would have a negative effect
on the life of your brothers and sisters or on The Order of Truth.

6. Patience

You must be patient with your brothers and sisters. Show understanding
when things need time to change or get better and never judge your
brothers or sisters even if they make the same mistake over and over as
long as they are making the effort to get better.

7. Forgiveness

You must have the ability to forgive. Everyone is human and we all make
mistakes at times. We may even break one or more of these Golden Rules.
But, as long as your brothers and sisters realize that they have erred and
they really show that they are sorry and try to make things right, then
you must be willing and able to forgive them. (However, they must not
mess up in the same way again. You can always be forgiven but there is a
limit for how many of The Golden Rules you can keep on breaking. So even
we forgive does not equalize the brother or sister is allowed to stay in The
Order of Truth).

8. Togetherness

You must not be a Fair-weather Brother or Sister, neither to The Order of
Truth nor in between. You must always be there for your brothers and
sisters and the Order in good times and in bad times. A true brother or
sister also shares their own success with you and The Order of truth when
they achieve it.

9. Constructive Criticism

You must not be scared to tell your brothers and sisters what they are
doing wrong. You must not be scared to seriously intervene if you see that
something is seriously bad for your brothers and sisters or The Order of
truth, or if they are headed down the wrong path. But, you must always
support your brothers and sisters' criticism with advice that can help them
to improve.

10. Reliability

You must be someone your brothers and sisters and The Order of truth can
rely on. When you make a promise to your brothers and sisters and the
Order you will always honors it, and when you know you won’t be able to
uphold your promise you must be honest and inform your brother or sister
or The Order of Truth that you cannot keep to the promise. However, your
reasoning must sound. When you tell your brothers and sisters that you’ll
do something or be somewhere at a certain date and time, then be there no
matter what.

11. Obligation to Christianity

Have being a Knight of The Order of Truth obligates you defend the faith
of Christianity. This is not negotiable. If you have knowledge that could
cause harm to this faith, then it must stay within the Order.

12. Obligation to Help Others

A Knight within the order is obligated always to help the weak and the
poor no matter what their faith may be.

13. Humbleness

Show daily your gratitude for the blessings that have been bestowed upon
you. Never be afraid to ask God, your brothers and sisters or The Order of
Truth for help.

14. Thou shall pray.

One must pray, if not for one self, then for others who may need it.
Praying is a very important asset for the spiritual mindset, which keeps
the faith and unity towards God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. One must
honor and remember, that because of Jesus we are now allowed to
communicate directly with God.

15. Thou shall be proud of the Faith in the Holy Trinity.

One must be Proud of the faith in God, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy
Spirit, never be embarrassed of it.

16. Thou shall visit the house of God.

We advise all members to attend a church ceremony once every month as
Members who can’t find time for visit the house of God and the Christian
community, they are considered weak in the faith and the priorities.
(Some people have health conditions which don’t allow that, we respect