Knights and Dames
in the Imperial Order of Truth

1.  There is Discipline in the Knights/Dames; you can see it on the way
     They Walk and Act.

2.  There is Honor and Virtues in the Knights/Dames you can hear it when
     you listen to them talk.

3.  There is Power, Drift and courage in the Knights/Dames you can see it
     looking into their Eyes and Face.

4.  There is a lot of Strength and compassion in the Knights/Dames you can
     feel it in the way their Heart beats.

5.  There is Loyalty without boarders in the Knights/Dames they will not
     quit or Compromise, their faith, the Order or the Mission.

6.  There is something in the Knights/Dames which makes them stand
     Apart, and out from other.

7.  The Knights/Dames is not a title or something that can be bought/ hired
     to be, it is the Honor and personality inside them that makes them that.

8.  The Soul of the Knight/dame virtues comes from deep inside, it comes
     out to glory God and benefit the Human Race.

9.  The Knights/Dames are not a Job Monday to Friday, it is a lifestyle,
     they are Honorable 24/7 and never will they finish it.

10. The Knights/Dames are always Knights/Dames No matter what they
      do, even when they sleep.

11. The Knights/Dames always serves their God, the Order and always the
      needy first, their own Life stands last in Line.

12. The Knights/Dames are always ready to sacrifice their own Civilian life
      to fulfill the mission they have been taken part in.

This is what the True Knights/Dames are made of,


if you are one of those Knights/Dames

Then we thank the Almighty Creator our Lord GOD for sending
you to this Earth to make a difference.

We Honor and Respect you

We thank GOD for you.