About the Order of Truth

The purpose of the Order is to promote 

Glory of:


It is hereby proclaimed

for to be known and advised for all.

The Order of Truth is a Christian Order

We live by the 10 Commandments

We die by the 10 Commandments.

All the Knights and Dames in The Order of Truth have sworn the oath to
defend the Christian church

the Christian faith and the Christian Community.

The Order of Truth is for both Knights and Dames.

The Order of Truth encourages all their members to follow the rules and
Guidelines given to humans in the Bible (The 10 commandments).

The Order of Truth does not seek to be an Order which goal is to spread
Christianity over the world.

The Order of Truth does however spread the vision of love, peace, respect,
compassion and understanding. The task for The Order of Truth is primary
to invite people with same moral and vision to join us; united we stand

By joining The Order of Truth, you become a part of something bigger, a
society, where you can find equal brothers and sisters who all will fight for
three common things:

Their Faith
Their Brothers and Sisters
Their Freedom

The Order of Truth does stand up against the four following things:

Termination of the faith in God the Almighty, he’s son Jesus Christ and the
Holy Spirit.

The Order of Truth is aiming to achieve a better life for those we can
reach; this we do strive to achieve in several levels (this will be specified in
the individual cases).

Knights/Dames must remember it is an Order; there are things in the
Order, which stays in the Order.

The Order of Truth wants it to stand very clearly.

We do not push other people to become believers nor is faithful; the Order is
neither judge nor jury. Your faith is private; we just have clear rules, of
what you must believe to become a Knight/Dame within The Order of

The Order of Truth is a non-profit Organization,

and must seek its funds to work on projects.

Members do not pay membership fees ore like that, but when you choose to
join and share visions, you pay an annual donation.

Also since we are nonprofit, we can’t give medals away for free, members
pay for production.

Shipping and a small percent to the Orders work, this is paid as a price, not

The ideals of the Order of Truths action are in accordance with ancient

Ideals are equal to the Knight Templars, Knights of the Holy Temple in
Jerusalem, Knights of Lazarus, Red Cross Constantine, and many others.
Mostly we aim to walk in the line with the old army who in 315AD
received the message from heaven. They were advised to carry the cross on
their shields they did win over their enemy, who had an army twice as big
as their own, and more over their loss was minimal.

Since that day, they defended the faith of Christ in many levels; mostly
they defended the right for people to have free faith.

We do support the Christian faith in the same manner, but we are an
unarmed force, in the modern society. Properly the strongest force anyone
can have is the power of being united; this is exactly what The Order of
Truth is.

The Order of Truths goal is to be true to the teachings of God through
guidance of the Christian Church.

This shall be accomplished through the virtues of Chivalry and Knightly

The Order shall carry out its charitable work without distinction of
religion, race, origin, or age.

The Order of Truth embarks on works to help our fellow man.
Defend, and promote the ideals of Christianity.

We stand as an organization to live the teachings of Christ, love your
neighbor as yourself.

The Order of Truth will do everything in our power to assist all those seeking:

Knowledge of Christianity

Benefit of Knighthood and Brotherhood, or longing to enrich their spirit.
Be prepared to give a helping hand, in general.

Tasks for the everyday life:

Knights/ Dames and other members have the task to be good people and
helpful at all times.

You should always be honored for their whereabouts and activities
A Knight/Dame of The Order of Truth is a role model for others.

They will do their best to make the earth a better place, for themself and
for every other living creature living on this planet.

The Knight and Dames should be as Brothers, Sister, Friends, Resources,
Confidants, and should be treating all with the value Christ has given to us.
The doors, shoulders, ears, hearts, or anything of the Knights/Dames
should never be closed to a Brother/Sister or anyone in need.

The Knights/Dames in The Order of Truth, is always aware of what things
can be done to make a little as well as a big difference
The Order also seeks to provide an understanding of other religions
without prejudice;
The Order of Truth nor the Knights/Dames in the Order is no judge over

Through worked through the Christian faith is love, this is also a very
strong asset.

Love is desired to shine through in the individual knight/Dame.
Knight/Dames do not start or participating in and excited discussion
about religion.

To defend the Christian faith means to observe the 10 commandments, and
live after the 10 commandments. Knights/Dames must know the Ten

This is a requirement do to that The Order of Truth and
its work are based on next love.

A real good Knight/Dame can handle their personal problems, private, as
well socially.

Knights/Dame never let his anger affect others.

Knights/Dame shall respect all people as God has created them.

They Respect all nations as God created them
Knights/Dames shall accept all religions as God has let emerge, we do
however not obligate anyone to respect the ideas and visions the other
religions stands for.

is the judge

everyone will answer for himself

the moment they face him.