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The Imperial Order of Truth is a Not-for-profit Organization,
and therefore relies purely on donations and its donation-only
membership “fees” for its humanitarian project’s operational

Members do not pay a membership fee per se. When one
wishes to join and share visions, an annual donation is greatly
appreciated, but not required.

The Imperial Order of Truth’s vision is clear. The Order plans
for a massive deployment designed to encompass multiple
humanitarian missions internationally.

These missions will be
implemented on an as-needed basis and will provide muchneeded assistance in

developing essential infrastructure,
housing, agricultural systems and technologies, as well as
providing access to environmental cleanup and medical
containment products and technologies as well as educational

These technologies and services are paramount to
the sustainment of any society. These projects will require
massive investment and many volunteers.

As a fellow humanitarian, it is your duty to assist where
possible and as such, we would ask that you kindly consider
making a tax-deductible donation to The Imperial Order of
Truth either through our secure payment system by clicking
on the “Donate Now” link or contact

The names of those who donate 200 US Dollars or more will be
entered on the Wall of Honor page of this website along with
their country of residence.

Donations to The Imperial Order of Truth are very much
appreciated from both members and Non-Members alike.
Should you wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities of the
Order’s humanitarian missions please contact us directly at

If you feel that you are up to the challenge of helping those less
fortunate then why not consider being an Honorary Knight
in The Imperial Order of Truth? For more information please Contact us at

“To stand united, as one, in a common purpose, we can effect
positive change on an unprecedented scale.
When 60 seconds can make the difference between life and
death for someone in need
The Time to act is NOW