Now that you have explored our website you may be
wondering if you “have what it takes” to commit
yourself to a life of helping others.

please take a few
minutes to fill in our Application for Membership
obtained by contacting:

for more information and/or to arrange to speak with a
representative of The Imperial Order of Truth.

Once your application for membership has been
received and reviewed by the International Council,
you will be contacted via email with the council’s
decision. At which time, you will be informed of your
Rank and Position in the Imperial Order of Truth.

Ranking will be granted based on the qualifications of
the potential member.


Please note that not all who apply will be accepted as
full members. However, should you wish to participate
by becoming a “Member at Large” without having to
obligate yourself entirely to the Order, please see below.

The Imperial Order of Truth is a charitable
organization, and as such, it is dependent upon the
contributions by its members and sponsors/donors and
Members at Large.

An annual Donation is appreciated
from all members of the Order.

Members at Large

For more information on Member Donations or to make
your financial contribution as a “Member at Large
please contact

Anyone may contribute financially as a “Member at Large

and there is no further obligation to you.

As a “Member at Large”, your name and country of
residence will be featured on our “Wall of Honor and
will receive a tax receipt for your contribution.

Member at Large” or “Shadow Knights” are a position
which is easily attained with no further obligation or
commitment to the Order. However, “Shadow Knights
do not have any voting rights within the Order and it is
strictly an honorary position within the Order.

Shadow Knights

Shadow Knights support the Order externally and assist
where and when they can.

Shadow Knights are always invited to Special Events
and Ceremonies, but are excluded from general

The Honorary Knight/Dame can obtain: Medals and
they can also be awarded merit and recognition.

The Granted Ranks:

All the Ranks which are granted in the Order are
decided by International Council (IC) or Superior Grand
Master (SGM) alone.

All Members Knights/Dames can be promoted for their
effort in and for the Order.

All new members begin as a Knight/Dame, Esquire or

The International Council or Superior Grand Master
alone will, upon evaluation, grant and appoint
promotion to the individual members according to their
progress within the Order. Members may also
recommend another member for promotion within the

These recommendations will be reviewed by the
IC and SGM for their consideration.