how it is handled

The Alliances made between the Imperial Order of Truth,
and other Houses or Orders.

We do not, nor want to obligate in taking parties
in given twists.

The Imperial Order of Truth
is always under the Imperial House of Rurikovich,
we will always stand there at any given issue.

We do not ask support from allied in any case where a required
case asks for it. Should our Allied chose to take our side,
then we welcome them, but no demand is made.

Alliances are made in the view of mutual recognitions,
and to benefit the information flow in given projects
where it may be required.

We can do more together; we are all one when it comes to help
the Christian churches, the Christian society, the Poor, the
Weak, the unjustified and many more.

The Imperial Order of Truth,
respect and accept all their Allies, and we will accept all Orders
which are based on love and kindness.

The Fraternal Respect and Honor from
The Imperial Order of Truth to you all.