Article 29



The Imperial House of Rurikovich currently holds neither Legal Territory nor Nation, except by birth right.

If The Imperial House of Rurikovich, The Rurik Dynasty is at any point in time awarded reparations of Ancestral Lands, those titled may be appointed territories to rule as Vassal Grand Princess, except for the 4 Titles of HERH which will be granted temporal sovereignty which is void if they break the laws of this constitution.


If the Imperial Rurik Dynasty Ancestral Lands, Territories, Nations are in complete collapse of Government and Rule, then the Prince-Grand Prince-Crown Prince of the Imperial House of Rurikovich.

by Special decree may seek to Retake those Ancestral Lands, Territories, and/or Nations.

A complete list of these Lands and Territories shall be recorded and Issued in an Appendix.



Article 30



These Constitutions as complete set of rules to be followed

By the Imperial Order of Truth, is with attached mentioned appendixes:



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