Article 27

 Medals and awards within The Order of Truth

There are at this time 12 different medals in the Order. 

The Medals to be earned and approved is stated bellow:


The Order Medal


  • 1. This medal is granted to all knights/Dames in the order, the medal symbolizes the virtues and pledges                  the members have made, also it is to all full approved members.


The Grand Cross


  • 1. This is given to Knights/Dames who have risen above the rank as Knight/Dame to Knight Grand Cross or                to Knight Commander.

The Council Grand Cross


  • 1. This medal is given to members who are under the International Council.                                                              The medal can also be granted to others who will be appointed, for their service together with                            The International council.

The Order of Merit 

                                                                                                                                                                              It               Comes in 3 degrees , starting with the 3rd; the medal is rewarded for excellent work for the                                         order in helping the order grow stronger and bigger.


                                                                    Order of Merit  1st, red color


                                                                    Order of Merit   2nd black color

                                                                    Order of Merit  3rd  Grey Color


Intern Medal of Honor


                                            1. The Medal of Honor comes in red color for internal distinction.


                                                                         Extern Medal of Honor

                                           1. The Medal of Honor comes in White color for extern distinction


Star of Recognition


                                                           The Star of recognition comes in 3 degrees

                                                                 1st is red colored


                                                                 2nd is black colored


                                                                 3rd is blue colored

                          These are rewarded for everyone either in the order or outside for their work for                                                                                        either the Order or the Mankind                                                                                                                                   (humanitarian or environment)

                                                   outstanding service without personal benefit.


 Honorable Knights


                       1. This Medal is rewarded to People who are not in the order as an approved knight/dame

                                          But still is supporting the Order or the visions the Order have.


All Medals and regalia worn with the Uniform must be approved by the International Council.

Wearing some without that Approval is against the Golden Rules will have consequences by that.