Article 23



A priory is a branch of the Order in a certain country that carries out the works of the Order.

Knight/Dame Grand Commanders head these priories.

The following are the kinds of priories:






Grand Priory


  • 1. Grand Priory is the highest form of a branch that stands on a national level.                                                          If there is only one priory within a given country, the priory will have jurisdiction over all the establishments        of the Order within that country. When a country counts 100 members there will be appointed                              a country Grand Master, and all regions Priory counting 50 members each will have a Country Grand Master          Appointed, when a country count 2, priory, the first Country Grand Master will become                                        Superior Country Grand Master.


  • 2. The Grand Priory is headed by a Knight/Dame Grand Commander or a higher rank, until size will allow a              Grand Master and will assume the title of "Country Grand Master".                                                                        The Country Grand Master acts on behalf of the international Councils Grand Masters and is the                            representative of the International Council Grand Masters in that country.





Virtual Priory


  • 1. A Virtual Priory is a priory that exists only through the location of its members. A virtual priory is created to        easily marshal its members. The head of this priory must be a Knight/Dame Commander.                                      He or She will assume the title of "Head of The Virtual Priory of……………….…“.                                                      The virtual priory is usually based in a national basis similar to a Grand Priory                                                      but without existing gatherings.



Article 24

Branches of a Grand Priory


There are three kinds of branches within a Grand Priory.

All branches are subject to the jurisdiction of a Grand Priory.

The following are ranked from highest to the lowest; the bellow mentioned are considered preceptorys

until reaching a member count of minimum 50,

then they becomes a Priory under the individual country Grand Priory







  • 1. Lead by a Colonel Knight Grand Commander, of The Imperial Order of Truth, within a country                                and multiple regions of that country.                                                                                                                    There must be 35 Members to achieve a Colonelcy.







  • 1. Headed by a Captain Knight Grand Commander, of The Imperial Order of Truth,                                                    this branch exists on a provincial basis within a specific region of a country.                                                          There must be 25 Members to achieve a Captaincy.








  • 1. Headed by a Lieutenant Knight Commander, of The Imperial Order of Truth,                                                          this branch exists on a citywide level within a province or county of a country.                                                      There must be 10 Members to achieve a Lieutenancy.