On The sub menus under constitutions we have tried 

to make it easy to navigate the different § Paragraphfs 

by number and name.

It can take some time to read trough all the constitution, 

but should anyone wish to apply for membership, it is adviced to become familiar with the Constitutions, since they are used worlwide

and they are the core fundament of the Order.

We serve Only one GOD

We Worship only one GOD

We protect everything created by this GOD

Constitutions Validated 2011 


Effected 2012


For The Imperial Order of Truth 





Imperial Order of Truth is and Non-Profit Organization/Institution.


Protector: the Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich.





By this the Imperial Order of Truth, have stream lined the Constitutions

According to the Constitutions, which are the effective

valid once used by

The Royal Imperial Chivalry of Rurikovich

The Imperial Order of Truth is a Registrated Non-Profit NGO - Denmark CVR-nr: 34769249

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The Imperial Order of TRUTH