A Christian Community
Honoring God in all we do.

Mission Statement


To aid in turning the hearts of youth and families to God and each other and to
Develop and fully realize our God-given potential in order to 
achieve greatness in every area of our lives. Advancing the Kingdom of God,
throughout our circles of influence and then the nations abroad

We strive to help and assist those in need. The impoverished,the infirmed,
the unjustly accused; supporting freedom, free speech, and
the well-being of the nation each Priory calls home.

We commit to teaching our children to be honorable, responsible,
and good members
of society.


We are striving to work towards a better world.
Members in the Order of Truth are all pledged to be the best people they
can become, both socially and spiritually.
We always seek new members with the same vision, to join us and work
together towards achieving these goals

We Support

Military personnel who served in the armed forces, protecting freedom to be Christian.

Christian based educational organizations.

Local charities with Hospitaller, Chivalric, Heraldic, and Christian agendas.

International organizations, who provide humanitarian aid and material support to those in need of assistance.

Christian Churches and communities throughout the world.

We will help and assist the oppressed, the poor, weak and the unjustly accused.

Political / social change, open and peaceful dialogue between religions.

Promote understanding of charity and respect for God.


Our philosophy, must respect all members and be open minded, and listen to
the spiritual needs and views of other Brothers/sisters Knights/Dames, this is
paramount because a Brother Knight shall never degrade another Brother
or Sisters views and beliefs.

We will support and assist in the facilitation of political and ecumenical
changes in areas where needed as well as providing the means to affect it, by

having an open mind dialog in cross boarder religions.
We will always defend faith in God – Jesus Christ –and the Holy Spirit.

The Order is in constant growth and development, to always stand as good
examples for all humans, this is important to start and finish so many and
good projects as possible, we aim for quality, not quantity.
We understand the strength in many people lifting together.
This is why we search and welcome many members, more than many

The Imperial Order of Truth is financially supported by donations from
its members, and when required for larger projects demanding significant
investment, we seek sponsorship through corporations and other international
institutions.  When many share in the cost burden together, the glory to God is that
much greater.  We understand that we must unite to enact positive changes
and as such, we ask that all members participate in various capacities
including assisting in securing large-scale project sponsorship
when required for financially intensive projects

The Imperial Order of Truth will be a beacon of light for all of
society.  This will be accomplished not only by wholly embracing the principles and
disciplines that Christ gave us in the highest regard, but to act in line according to those very teachings which will always remain ensrhined in everything we do.

Love your Brother/Sister as Christ loves you.

To "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"

This shall be the rule to govern the lives of Brother/Sister Knights/Dames.

The Imperial Order of Truth is working towards presenting a Conduct Program on our own, this is to pass on our ideals and to benefit society as a whole.

One of the programs to illustrate this is the Esquire program. This program
is designed to help teach our children.

Success of the above is critical to avoid making the same mistakes from our past.